Taymer Technology

We are Taymer.
We make machines for the wire, cable, and tubing industries.

Since its founding in the early 1960's, Taymer has continued to grow to meet the increasing demand for highly developed solutions to existing problems in wire/cable length measurement, in-line quality inspection, and cable printing.

Wire and Cable Length Measurement Technology


Technology Advantages Applications  Model
Length Rite – Cable Length Measurement Technology Excellent Accuracy +/- 0.05%, Accepts wide range of diameters (1 / 64 inch to 12 inch), Low Maintenance Suitable for wires, cables, pipes, ropes & hoses, PLC or computer integration available LR100, LR300, LR600, LR1200
Fully Automated Spool-to-Spool Systems Payout, Pull, Measure, Cut, Takeup Suitable for Length Rite series equipment, Computer integration PMC


Wire and Cable Inspection Technology


Technology Advantages Applications  Model
Print Inspection Technology – PV Snapshot High speed Camera with adjustable mount, Inspection up to 4500ft / min. Software checks existance of print in any colour PV4500
Print Quality Inspection Technology High speed Camera with adjustable mount, Inspection of print from Hot Foil, Inkjet, Laser, In Wheel, Hot Stamp Software checks quality of print in any colour PV1400
Print Contrast Measurement Technology High Magnification system, Inspect contrast to meet aerospace specifications, Online or offline Software checks contrast of print to jacket colour CS1000
Wire Surface Defect Detection Technology Multiple high speed Cameras with full enclosure, Inspect surface defects such as bumps, neckdowns, and holes Software checks for surface defects (holes, neckdowns, buldges) SI3100, SI4100


Wire and Cable Printing Technology


Technology Advantages Applications  Model
Hot Foil Printing Technology Permanent Printing, Sequential Numbering, Prints in different colours, Low Maintenance Cold cable, pipes, conduit & hose, Effective on cold and warm product, In line with extruder or on a rewind line, Print product codes, information & colour stripes HF100, HF500, HF600, HF2000, HF3000, HF4000
Indent Cable Printing Technology Permanent Indent, Sequential Numbering, Low Maintenance Cold cable, pipes, conduit & hose, Effective on cold and warm product either in line with extruder or in a rewind line, Indent marking of product codes & information I100, I3000
Emboss Cable Printing Technology Permanent Emboss, Sequential Numbering, Prints can be in different colours Use for hot / cold cable, pipes & extrusion lines, Emboss marking of product codes & information E100, E3000
Sinter Cable Printing Technology Permanent Print, Sequential Number, Coloured Powder Use for hot cables & pipes, Print product codes & information Sinter 3000
Hot Stamp Wire Marking Technology Contract Printing, Low Maintenance, Prints can be in different colours Ideal for wire harness manufacturers, Print product codes & information SM1000, CM6000
Inkjet Wire Marking Technology Non-Contact Printing, Prints on any surface, Barcode/Logo/Data Printing available Use for hot / cold wires, cables & pipes, High speed (800ft / min), UV cure inks available CJ2010