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Taymer is devoted to delivering precision in all our technological solutions for manufacturers in Japan. We are proud to be supporting these manufacturers with quality control and vision inspection machinery that will help them to produce premium-quality products.

From Sapporo and Sendai to Osaka and Kumamoto, all our equipment and products are available for purchase across Japan. We know the high standards for product quality both Japanese manufacturers and consumers have for their products and our equipment is no exception.

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Maintaining consistency among your cable and wire products is an essential part of the manufacturing process. With Taymer’s cable and wire length measurement equipment, your operators can achieve excellent results each and every time as they identify inconsistencies with ease.

Our length measurement machines offer superior accuracy readings and are available for use on a wide variety of continuous products, such as wire, cable, tubes, rods, and more. Our machines are designed to work efficiently at different paces for your facility’s convenience. Some models, like those in our Length Rite series, boast additional measurement capabilities such as computer integration that give you specialist insight into your manufacturing performance.

Vision & Quality Inspection Solutions

Whether metal, fiber optic or more, we know your manufacturing facility in Japan deserves only the best quality inspection equipment.

Our vision inspection equipment utilizes advanced camera technology to capture and detect defects, lumps, neckdowns and surface variations in your continuous products. Rather than relying on lower accuracy solutions like laser inspection, our machines offer photographic imaging that will assist you to detect defects and capture shareable images for further analysis.

With our vision inspection equipment, you can detect faults in continuous products used for applications such as:

3D Printing Filament Inspection

3D printing filament plays an important role in the product of 3D printed products. Defective filament however can not only slow down a print job, but could also cause the printer to become damaged. For this reason, 3D printer filament manufacturers need a reliable tool that will enable them to assess the quality of their filament prior to sale.

Taymer is pleased to offer 3D printer filament manufacturers in Japan an effective solution with our filament inspection technology.

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Quickly identify defects in your bar, wire, rod and pipe products with Taymer’s vision equipment machines. Our equipment quickly captures images of potential issues such as diameter variation or lumps and will save them for your operator’s review.

Fibre Optic

Fiber optic manufacturers in Japan can facilitate their manufacturing processes and offer superior products with our cable and wire inspection technology. Our inspection machines are designed to inspect band quality, fiber ribbon, and fiber quality in all your fiber optic products.

Learn more about our fiber optic cable inspection solutions here.

Wire & Cable Printing Machines

Our wire and cable printing and marking machines deliver exceptional quality printwork. Suitable for a wide range of cable and wire products of various sizes, our versatile printers are able to work in tandem with your facility’s speed and needs. All printwork is crisp, clear and colorful, giving you a consumer-friendly product that will meet regulatory requirements.

Our wire and cable printers are specialized in a range of printing techniques, including:

  • Hot Foil Marking
  • Hot Stamp Wire Marking
  • Emboss & Indent Printing
  • Sinter Printing

Discover more about our wire and cable printing technology here.

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