Coilers, Decoilers & Spoolers for Wire and Cable


Our wire and cable decoiler, coiler, or reeling machines will speed up your production in your facilities. Whether you are looking for a quick manual cable spooler or a high-speed wire coiling pan device for your Fully Automated Wire Processor, Taymer can provide the solution.

The advanced control system for the motorized cable reeler allow operators to easily integrate them into their production lines without difficulties. Our designs allow operators to quickly load or unload a heavy spool, safe access to wire coils, and low maintenance in a common 24/7 environment.

At Taymer, we can also design and build a custom cable coiling or reeling system for your needs. If you have an application, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.


  • Rigid and durable for operating in a 24/7 environment
  • Easy to integrate with process line PLC
  • Optional servo motors used for positioning accuracy
  • Quick installation and low maintenance
  • Custom design to fit your process


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Manual Cable Coiler or Spooler

Taymer offers a variety of manual coiler and spoolers that will fit your unique needs.

Wire Counter Manual Collapsible Coiling Reel 16 inches

LR100 Series
Collapsible Coiling Reels

In three sizes to suit many needs. Reel forms a round cable coil which can be tied before collapsing. The coil off-loads to front. Click on link below to view items in the store.

  • LR100-10: 16″ID (handles up to 1″ cable)
  • LR100-99:12″ID (handles up to 3/4″ cable)
  • LR100-200: 8″ID (handles up to 1/2″ cable)
Cable Counter - Wind Off Reel Stand

Wind Off Reel Stand

24″ diameter reel accommodates coils and spools up to 150 lbs (68 kg). The four 8″ outside pins adjust to 5 coil diameters from 6-1/2 to 18-1/2″ (166 to 470 mm). Center 12-1/2″ post holds spools.

Friction disc reduces free wheeling and resultant tangling of wire from the decoiler before the wire length measurement device. Removal of disc allows free rotation. Height from base to ring is 12-1/2″. Made from durable welded steel.

Wire Counter - Spool Winder

Spool Winder - Standard

Accommodates up to 10″ wide spools.
The quick-acting lock/release mechanism saves time.
The Stand height is 13″; shaft diameter is 1/2″.

Wire Meter - Spool Winder

Spool Winder - Large

Accommodates cable coiling spools up to 17″ wide by 30″ diameter. Unit measures 24″ w by 18″ h. Weight capacity: 100 lbs. Has same quick-acting lock/release as the 318. Left stand is 2-part for easy removal of full spool.