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Vision Inspection &
Wire Printing Germany

Taymer International is proud to offer quality inspection solutions to manufacturers across Germany that will ensure impeccable standards each and every time.

Whether you are a cable manufacturer in Berlin or seeking reliable medical inspection equipment for your production facility in Cologne, our solutions provide you with the consistency and reliability you need for superior quality products.

Discover the benefits of Taymer’s equipment by contacting our sales team today.

Cable & Wire Length Measurement

Satisfy your customers with exceptional quality in all your cable and wire products by using our length measurement machines. Designed to specify exact measurements in a range of industries ranging from metal to medical, our cable and wire length counters will help operators to detect any inconsistencies before your products leave the facility.

Vision & Quality Inspection Solutions

Having a product with even the smallest of defects reach a customer can have negative consequences on not just a product but also the brand and reputation of a company, especially those in the medical or electrical field.

Taymer is here to support our buyers in Germany with a full suite of vision inspection equipment for their industry. Offering innovative and accurate equipment such as print and packaging verification to lump and neckdown detectors, our solutions provide you with greater quality control over production and manufacturing in your facility. Our equipment is available and specialized for many industries, including:


Manufacturing for the medical industry requires meeting only the highest of product standards. 

Our inspection equipment is able to examine and identify unwanted defects in medical tube products such as catheters. We also provide quality control for drug products with our pill counting machine. Available across Germany, purchase our medical quality inspection by contacting us today.


German manufacturers can rely on our equipment to significantly enhance quality control processes for their metal rod and bare wire products. From length measurement machines to surface inspection tools, our product inspection solutions will examine and detect any defects in your metal goods so that you can continue to offer exceptional quality to your customers.

Fibre Optic

A small defect in fibre optic wire or cable can easily compromise product quality. Ensure consistency in all your fibre optic cables with Taymer’s superior inspection technology that prioritizes high precision and facilitates your quality control processes. 

3D Printing Filament Inspection

3D Printing has emerged as one of the most innovative fields in manufacturing. Yet with defective printing filament, the risks of losing a valuable print job or even causing damage to the 3D printer increase substantially. With our reliable filament inspection equipment, manufacturers and product designers across Germany can craft prototypes and components with the consistent 3D printing filament they need. 

Wire & Cable Printing Machines

Wire and cable printing plays a key role in quality control and product identification. Certify the integrity of all your products with clear, visible and quality printwork provided by our cable and wire printing machines.

Our selection of wire and cable printers are well-suited for:

  • Hot Foil Marking
  • Hot Stamp Wire Marking
  • Emboss & Indent Printing
  • Sinter Printing

Discover more about our wire and cable printing technology here.

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If you are interested in any of our equipment or solutions, our knowledgeable sales agents are more than happy to assist you. 

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