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Taymer International is proud to offer its innovative range of quality control and vision inspection equipment to manufacturers across France.

Our machinery is available across France. So no matter whether you are located in Lille or Lyon, you can easily access Taymer’s machinery.

Discover why French manufacturers choose Taymer as their choice for inspection and quality control equipment by contacting our sales team today.

Cable & Wire Length Measurement

Have you noticed inconsistencies in your product’s length or sizing? Our cable and wire length measurement machines give you the consistent and precise technology you need to accurately measure your products. Designed to capture exact measurements for a vast range of continuous wire, cable, pipe, rod and tube products, our length measurement equipment is highly recommended for manufacturers looking to ensure consistency in their manufacturing.

Vision & Quality Inspection Solutions

While some surface defects are easily visible to the naked eye, the form of wires, cables and other continuous products mean that many surface and dimension defects can go unnoticed and compromise the integrity of your product.

Taymer provides manufacturers across France and Europe with a complete selection of vision inspection equipment for identifying surface defects in their wire, cable and other continuous products. Our camera imaging equipment precisely captures the appearance of your product and is invaluable for detecting defects in its diameter, including any lumps and neckdowns. Unlike laser inspection alternatives, camera inspection equipment offers superior inspection capabilities that will provide your operators with photographic detail to thoroughly assess any surface defects.

Our vision inspection quality is well-suited for a wide range of different materials and applications, including:


French manufacturers can rely on Taymer to provide quality inspection machinery. We have a variety of machinery and tools that help in length measurements and surface inspection for metal rod, pipe and bare wire products. With our inspection equipment, your team will be better positioned to identify and resolve any defects before they reach your consumer.


As one of the most essential sectors in France and across the world, medical manufacturing requires only the highest of standards. Our medical inspection equipment is specifically designed to detect flaws that could compromise the integrity or safety of medical tube products, such as catheters. Our services also extend into the pharmaceutical industry with our instantaneous pill count verification machine. Contact us today to learn how your manufacturing company can benefit from our inspection equipment.

Fibre Optic

Even the smallest of defects in fibre optic wire or cable products can negatively affect its integrity. Our fibre optic cable inspection equipment allows you to take greater control of your manufacturing process by giving you the precise data and imagery you need to deliver superior fibre optic products.

3D Printing Filament Inspection

The 3D printing industry is a rapidly growing market that channels the very latest of innovation and technology. However, despite the simplistic concept behind 3D printing, the filament it relies on to produce such products needs to be consistent and reliable. No customer wants to have their 3D printwork or printer ruined by faulty printing filament. Designed for filament manufacturers across France, our filament inspection equipment can detect lumps, neckdowns, surface defects and any variations in the product’s diameter.

Discover more about our 3D printing filament inspection here.

Wire & Cable Printing Machines

A key element to manufacturing quality wire and cable products is that each product has clear and concise printwork or markings. Our cable and wire printing and marking machines give you superior printwork that is clearly visible and will demonstrate the product’s quality to the consumer.

We offer a range of wire and cable printing machines to French manufacturers that employ a variety of specialist printing techniques, including:

  • Hot Foil Marking
  • Hot Stamp Wire Marking
  • Emboss & Indent Printing
  • Sinter Printing

Discover more about our wire and cable printing technology here.

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