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Taymer offers innovative quality control and vision inspection solutions to manufacturers of continuous products in South Korea. We are continuously dedicated to ensuring all our clients receive the equipment they need to modernize their quality control processes and deliver exceptional products to their consumers. 

We are proud to be supporting manufacturers across South Korea. From Busan to Seoul, South Korea is home to some of the world’s most innovative manufacturing industries, including electronics and fiber optic products.

If you are looking to make the most of Taymer’s quality control and vision inspection equipment in your facility in South Korea, contact our team or our distributor today.

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Vision & Quality Inspection Solutions

There is no doubt that protecting the integrity of your continuous products is a priority. Our powerful vision inspection machinery will allow you to gain a precise insight into the state of a cable, rod, tube or pipe product.

Our wire and cable inspection equipment are specifically designed to assist in the detection of lumps, neckdowns and any surface variations. Utilizing superior photographic imaging, our machines go far beyond the limitations of traditional laser inspection equipment and give your operators precision each time. 

Our vision inspection equipment will enable your operators to detect faults in a wide range of continuous products, including:


Identify and capture faults in wire, bar, rod and pipe products with unprecedented precision by utilizing Taymer’s metal inspection equipment. Our machinery takes photographic imaging of any potential defects in these continuous metal products and digitally shares them with you for further review and analysis. 


Keep your medical products free from faults or flaws that compromise its integrity and safety with our medical inspection equipment. Our inspection machines accurately detect flaws in medical products such as catheters and other medical tubing. Many of our models thoroughly inspect every square millimeter of a medical product to detect flaws such as bubbles, gels, inclusions and other defects that could be invisible to the naked eye.

We also provide other quality control solutions for the manufacture of medical products, such as our pill inspector and counter.

Fibre Optic

Ensure premium quality fiber optics in your manufacturing process with our fiber optic cable inspection equipment. Our machinery is highly capable of inspecting the quality of fiber optic products, including fiber ribbon, glass fiber and band quality. Obtain superior quality fiber optic products for your consumers by choosing Taymer technology.

Learn more about our fiber solutions here.

3D Printing Filament Inspection

Taymer provides 3D printer filament manufacturers the revolutionary tools they need to ensure quality filament for their buyers. Our filament inspection technology will help ensure your filament is fit for use and prevent any compromising of the 3D printer’s function for your consumer. 

Discover more about our 3D printer filament inspection equipment available for manufacturers in South Korea.

Wire & Cable Printing Machines

Establish clear, crisp, and colorful printwork in your continuous products with our wire and cable printing machines. Designed to handle a variety of printing speeds, our wire and cable printers come easily tailored to the needs and workflow of your manufacturing facility. Showcase the quality of your wires and cables with premium printwork from Taymer’s technology. 

Our wire and cable printers are specialized in a range of printing techniques, including:

  • Hot Foil Marking
  • Hot Stamp Wire Marking
  • Emboss & Indent Printing
  • Sinter Printing

Discover more about our wire and cable printing technology here.

Length Measurement Equipment for Cables & Wires

Taymer offers you ultimate precision for the measurement of wire, cable, tubes, bare wires and many more continuous products. Over our 30 year history, we have perfected wire and cable length measurement solutions that will give your operators the resources they need to ensure consistency in your facility’s production.

We have a wide selection of length measurement machines for wire and cable products available for South Korean manufacturers. One of our most popular ranges of machines, our Length Rite series, is able to operate at many different manufacturing needs and speeds. Many of our machines also offer digital integration, aiding the modernization of quality control processes.

Discover more about our wire and cable printing technology here.

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