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At Taymer International, we are dedicated to giving all our customers across the world the very best quality control and vision inspection solutions for their needs. For our customers in China, we strive to offer high-performing equipment that will help them to produce exceptional quality products. From wire measurement equipment to metal rod vision inspection, you can rely on Taymer for an innovative solution. 

We proudly provide all our machinery and equipment to manufacturers across China. So whether you are a cable manufacturer in Tianjin or a fiber optics manufacturer in Ningbo, we are able to assist you.

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Cable & Wire Length Measurement

Ensuring consistency in your wire and cable products throughout your manufacturing process is essential for both production efficiency and consumer satisfaction. Taymer’s range of wire and cable measurement equipment and machinery is the ideal solution Chinese manufacturers can rely on.

Our length measurement machines provide unrivaled accuracy and precision. These machines are designed to fit your exact manufacturing needs and speeds. They are highly suitable for a wide range of continuous products, including measurements for wires, cables, rods, pipes and tubes. Our Length Rite series features additional measurement capabilities such as computer integration that give you even further insight into your manufacturing performance.

Vision & Quality Inspection Solutions

Taymer provides vision and quality inspection equipment and machinery for a vast range of continuous products. From metal to fiber optic and cable, we have the equipment suited for you.

Our vision inspection machinery makes full use of innovative camera technology. By thoroughly inspecting your products and capturing images for analysis, your operators will be able to assess any defects, lumps, neckdowns, or diameter variations with ease. Taymer makes it easier than ever before for Chinese manufacturers to craft superior wire and cable products.

Our range of vision inspection equipment is available for a variety of applications, including in:

3D Printing Filament Inspection

3D printing has emerged as one of the most significant advances in modern manufacturing. However, no 3D printer can function to the best of its ability without quality 3D printing filament. In fact, defective filament could easily compromise print production and cause irreparable and costly damages to the 3D printer.

Taymer is here to assist 3D printer filament manufacturers with unparalleled inspection solutions. With our technology, filament manufacturers can rest assured that they are producing premium-quality filament for their buyers.

Discover more about our 3D printer filament inspection equipment.


Manufacture quality bars, wires, rods and pipes with our metal inspection equipment. Designed to detect any possible defect with powerful precision, our equipment will give your operators the increased confidence and resources they need to ensure quality metal products.

Fibre Optic

As one of the most important areas of information technology, consumers naturally expect high-performing and well-manufactured fiber optic wires. Even the smallest of defects can compromise the integrity of your fiber optic cables and affect your reputation as a result.

Taymer offers manufacturers in China the fiber optic inspection equipment they can trust. Our machines will examine, inspect, and capture key aspects such as fiber quality and band ribbon in your fibre optic cables.

Learn more about our fiber optic cable inspection solutions here.

Wire & Cable Printing Machines

Our cable and wire printers offer exceptional printwork that is clear, crisp and colorful. Thanks to our innovative printing technologies, manufacturers can ensure their wire and cable products are accurately marked for consumer benefit and to meet any necessary regulations. Our machines specialize in various printing techniques to suit your manufacturing needs, paces, and resources.

Our wire and cable printers use techniques that include:

  • Hot Foil Marking
  • Hot Stamp Wire Marking
  • Emboss & Indent Printing
  • Sinter Printing

Discover more about our wire and cable printing technology here.

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