Fiber Optic Inspection Equipment

Dirty or damaged fiber optic connectors are some of the most common optical network problems. Many businesses rely heavily on optical fiber cabling, therefore being able to test its quality to ensure network performance can be critical.

Taymer International has a wide range of fiber optic solutions that will help ensure you have the ability to troubleshoot any broken links.

Ongoing testing and maintenance of fiber optic networks is paramount and will lead to more efficient and reliable fiber optic network deployment.

Solutions for Fiber Optics

A close cousin to Wire & Cable, Taymer has also developed engineering solutions for the Fiber Optics industry. Taymer’s unit covers the inspection and verification of critical features such as marking bands, color sequence and planarity on ribbons, or dimensional control on glass preform or fiber strands.

Our fiber optic cable inspection equipment allows network technicians to safely inspect fiber end-faces for any contamination and ensure the cables are running effectively. Our band inspection tool is the only tool available that will automatically inspect band quality on colouring lines.

Fiber optic inspection tools are used in both the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables. They can help troubleshoot and determine if the fiber optic cabling is performing optimally.

If you have any questions about our technology and would like to discuss how we can support your application with one of our engineers, please get in touch with us today via phone or through the contact form.

fiber band inspection

Band Inspection System

The Band Inspection System is the only tool available to automatically inspect band quality on fiber and small wire lines. This will help you reduce costs in your production facilities through reduced rework and quality assurance.


Camera Inspection for Glass Fiber Preform

The only tool that can continuously measure the glass preform rod for fiber optic cables during the stretching process to ensure the resultant preform diameter is both consistent and accurate.

RI2400 - Ribbon Inspector


Fiber Ribbon Inspector

The Ribbon Inspector’s continuous capture mode of operation provides the operator with up to the second digital image feedback of the current status of the fiber optic ribbon.



High Speed Diameter Measurement and Lump Neckdown Gauge

The High-Speed Lump and Neckdown Inspector is the only tool that can provide images of your lumps and neckdowns on: bare wire and fiber.