We are Taymer.

With more than 60 years of experience producing machines, Taymer International has always been about developing leading-edge equipment including optical quality inspection systems, highly accurate length measurement machines, and various cable printers designed to meet specific needs.

As a world-leading manufacturer of equipment for the wire, cable, pipe, and tube industry, we’ve built an extensive range of solutions designed to provide value and reduce costs to customers on the production line. Having expanded to new industries, Taymer continues growing to meet the increasing demand for highly developed solutions to existing problems in length measurement, in-line quality inspection, and cable printing.

Our Mission

Continuously build, maintain and improve in-line and offline products for manufacturers. Empower our customers with easy-to-use reliable equipment to maximize production and results.

Taymer leads the field in producing various vision systems to meet the high speed in-line requirements in the production of wire, cable, pipe, tube and similar products. Some of the features that our vision systems can provide are as follows:

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Taymer’s wire and cable printer product range covers a wide range of product needs. Taymer printers are robust and we currently have printers that have been running for over 20 years!

Taymer printers include:

These machines are typically installed on extrusion lines or rewind lines running at standard line speeds.

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We speak English, Deutsche, Español, Chinese, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, and Polish. We have offices in 9 different time zones and representatives in another 4. We reply to all questions within 24 hours.

Taymer’s head office and manufacturing facility is located in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada, and we also have offices located in the USA, Germany, Mexico, and China to reach the global market and provide technical support to our customers.