lump and neck down diameter detection defect image

Diameter Measurement 

for Quality Inspection 

Taymer’s diameter measurement solutions are critical tools for accurate quality inspection. It inspects the diameter of your product for lumps, neck-downs, and other defects.  Our inline solutions allows operators to locate detected defects without having to rewind miles of product. Taymer’s image-viewing software captures and analyzes diameter variations. The images are saved with their dimensional information, making it easy for production to find the products’ imperfections.

Diameter Measurement and Lump Neck-Down Detector for Cable and Tubes

The 3-camera lump and neck-down detector captures defect images and saves them with their dimensional information. As a result, you can take your quality control to the next level with Taymer’s image-viewing software, ensuring uncompromised product integrity for cable and wire. 


High-Speed Diameter Measurement for Fiber

The fiber and bare wire high-speed lump and neck-down inspector is the only tool that can provide images of your defects in real time during production.  This is critical in assessing where a measured diameter variation is in fact a defect and if action must be taken.