RI2400 - Ribbon Inspection


Ribbon Inspector

The Ribbon Inspectors continuous capture mode of operation provides the operator with up to the second digital image feedback of the current status of Fiber Optic Ribbon. With Taymer’s Ribbon Inspector, you can be sure the product going to your customers meets your high standards and is without ribbon defects.
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Reduced Defects

The Ribbon Inspector provides the operator with a view of current ribbon images, recent defect images with defect dimensions, and verification of the color sequence. This continuous stream of real time information – especially failure data – allows the operator to isolate the causes of ribbon imperfections or missing fiber strands. Identifying when and how a defect occurs will allow your technical staff to reduce occurrences of defects causing expensive reworking costs and prevent customer complaints and rejects.


  • Accurately measures fiber optic ribbon width and thickness
  • Inspects fiber strands for missing ink and large hue shifts in color
  • Supports line speeds as fast as 4500 ft/min or 1500 m/min
  • Precisely examines ribbon planarity and gap distance between fiber strands
  • Up to 36 fiber strands ribbon can be inspected
  • Verifies the ribbon color sequence is correct at line startup, and during the run
  • Detects if any fiber strands are missing from ribbon Alerts operator and production machinery if any defects are found
  • Records any defects for QA records and operator verification
  • Simple, Push Button Operator Interface – no computer knowledge required


  • Width/Thickness Measurement Accuracy:
    1.5 micron and up | 0.000059″ and up – Exact size depends on product and camera setup
  • Planarity Tolerance:
    ± 25 micron | 0.00098″
  • Fiber Gap Measurement:
    ± 10 micron | 0.00039″
  • Max Line Speed:
    1 500 m/min | 4,500 ft/min – Exact speed will depend on application
  • Max Ribbon Width:
    36 fiber strands
  • Outputs:
    • Relay contact closure on defect detection
    • Alarm stack (light/audio alarm)
  • Inspection Software:
    • Gain and contrast enhancement
    • Edge detection with pattern matching
  • Power Supply:
    110V or 230V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions
    • 510 mm x 510 mm x 1520 mm – L x W x H
    • 20” x 20” x 60” – L x W x H
    • Line height is adjustable
  • Weight:
    55 kg | 120 lbs.
  • LCD Display:
    22″ monitor