Camera Inspection for Glass Fiber Preform

The GS2100 is the only tool that can continuously measure the glass fiber preform rod during the stretching process to ensure the resultant preform diameter is both consistent and accurate. This system connects to your PLC to automatically provide the feedback that is critical to produce the preform.
The Glass Stretching measurement system’s continuous capture provides the operator with uninterrupted measurements of the current diameter during the stretching process. This continuous stream of real time information allows the operator to monitor the diameter and gives him or her the time to react to correct problems before they result in reworking or even scrapping of product.
Using the Glass Stretching Measurement System, you can save the measured diameters to disk and print them out to include in your quality reporting both internally and to your customers. The Glass Stretching Measurement System makes it possible for operators to verify diameter settings at shift changes and for engineering and production supervisors to verify the diameters while briefly walking past the operator’s console.

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  • Measures diameter of glass fiber preform during glass stretching process while preform is inside the furnace
  • Automatically provides measurement feedback to external machinery PLCs
  • Camera enclosure to protect sensitive equipment
  • Alerts operator and production machinery if any diameter defects are found that are out of specifications
  • Records any defects for QA records and operator verification
  • Simple user interface and operation


  • Glass Diameter Range:
    10 – 150mm | 0.4” – 6”
    Exact diameter depends on application and desired accuracy
  • Diameter Measurement Tolerance:
    ± 0.2mm | ± 0.007”
  • Camera Configuration:
    2 Camera – Side by side
  • Image Processing:
    Images from both cameras are simultaneously analyzed and resultant diameter is generated
  • PLC Integration:
    Integrates with most models of PLC including Siemens and Allen Bradley
  • Industrial Stand:
    Optional – Custom stands and mounting positions can be built
  • Lighting:
    None required
  • Location:
    Outside preform furnace – with cameras viewing into furnace
  • Dimensions:
    • 500mm X 250mm X 125mm – L X W X H
    • 20” X 10” X 5” – L X W X H
  • Power Supply:
    110V or 230V, 50/60Hz
  • Weight:
    45 kg | 10 lbs.