Product - HF2000 - Hot Foil Cable Marker - Metric and Imperial


Metric and Footage Hot Foil Printer

The Taymer HF2000 Hot Foil Printer is designed for printing in either meters or feet. This dual function is accomplished by changing print drums. The drums are secured by three fasteners so that the complete operation takes only a couple of minutes.
A built in microprocessor controls all aspects of the marking process and adjusts the machine to suit the changing conditions and speeds of the production line. Clear durable legends are produced at speeds up to 600 ft/min (200m/min).
The ease of operation and setup reduces scrap, production delays and the risk of damage to delicate communication and fibre optic cables. A dual tape spool and tape accumulator system eliminates print interruptions.
These standard features and more make the Taymer HF2000 Hot Foil printer a new generation in wire and cable printing.
Hot Foil Sample Print 1


  • High accuracy sequential marking in meters or feet
  • Length adjustments in increments of ± .001
  • Dual tape spools and accumulators eliminate tape splicing
  • Microcomputer controlled adjustments reduce the need for operator intervention
  • Adjustable guide rollers prevent damage to cables
  • Casters for easy movement in and out of the line
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction for the production environment
  • Optional automatic tape spool changer to avoid down time


  • Cable Size:
    0.2″ to 5″ dia. (5.0 mm to 127 mm)
  • Maximum speed:
    • up to 600 ft/min. (footage mode)
    • up to 200 m/min. (metric mode)
  • Drum Drive:
    Micro controlled brushless servo
  • Print Interval Accuracy:
    1 : 10,000
  • Correction Adjust Increments:
    1 part in 1,000 ±
  • Type Form:
    Engraved steel, hardened
  • Character Height:
    1/16″ to 5/16″ (1.6 mm to 8.0 mm)
  • Print Legend Length:
    240 characters metric or 120 characters footage at 7 characters per inch
  • Print Colours:
    White, black, yellow (others on request)
  • Spool Length:
    • 3/8″ x 42,000 feet
    • 1/4″ x 72,000 feet
    • 10 mm x 12,805 m
    • 6 mm x 21,951 m
  • Spool Capacity:
  • Print Temperature
    Micro controlled (P.I.D.)
  • Sequential Marking:
    6 digit
  • On The Fly Reset:
  • Machine Layout:
    Left to Right or Right to Left
  • Print Interval:
    Metric or Footage
  • Power Requirements:
    280-240 V, Single phase, 16A, 50/60 Hz
  • Compressed Air:
    80 psi @ 5 to 10 CFM, dry
  • Jacket Materials:
    Rubber, Nylon, PVC, Med & HDPE, various cross-linked and semi-conductive materials
  • Spent Tape Takeup:
  • Fault & Warning Signals:
    8 digit status display and warning light
  • Stopped Line Response:
    Automatic lift carriage drop
  • Emergency Stop:
  • Machine Weight:
    450 kg (1,000 lbs.)
  • Mounting:
    Caster base with leveling screws