Hot Foil Marker for Pipe

The HF100 is reliable, simple to operate and easy to maintain. It produces a clear and durable print legend in type styles and sizes specified by you. Special characters and logos are also available. There are nine standard tape colors to provide print in white, black, yellow, red, orange, light blue, dark blue, green or gold
Taymer has over 35 years experience in the sequential printing of extruded products. Contact us today for full details on the HF100 or any of our other printers.


  • Surface or indent print
  • Sequential marking in meters or feet
  • Spools of up to 72,000 ft. to minimize changeovers
  • Tape save feature reduces costs
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction for the production environment
  • Adjustable for different line heights
  • Casters for easy movement in and out of the line


  • Pipe Size:
    0.2″ to 5″ dia. (5.0 mm to 127 mm) (adaptable for larger sizes)
  • Maximum speed:
    300 ft/min (100 m/min)
  • Drum Drive:
    Direct Drive
  • Type Form:
    Engraved steel, hardened
  • Character Height:
    1/16″ to 5/16″
  • Print Legend Length:
    120 characters at 7 characters per inch
  • Print Colours:
    Nine standard colors including white, black, yellow, red and blue
  • Spool Length:
    • 3/8″ x 42,000′
    • 1/4″ x 72,000′
  • Spent Tape Takeup:
  • Print Temperature
    P.I.D. controlled
  • Sequential Marking (option):
    5 digit or 6 digit
  • On The Fly Reset:
    Available option
  • Print Interval:
    2 feet or 1 meter (other models available)
  • Indent Print:
  • Accumulating Counter:
  • No Print Alarm:
  • Power:
    280/220/240 V, Single phase, 15A
  • Air:
    80 psi
  • Mounting:
    Caster base with leveling screws
  • Machine Weight:
    600 lbs.