Product - I3000 - Indent Marker 3000 - Dual Drums


Indent Printing for Wire and Cable – Dual Drums

The Taymer I3000 Printer is designed for indent printing by switching the print inserts. Indent printing is for colder product directly after the water trough in one meter or two foot intervals.
The Taymer 4-digit sequential counter comes standard on the I3000 printer. Its industry leading design minimizes maintenance requirements. The unique heat transfer system is capable of producing clear, durable legends at speeds of up to 900 feet or 300 meters per minute.
The ease of operation and setup reduces scrap, production delays and the risk of damage to delicate communication and fiber optic cables. The I3000’s robust construction ensures consistent, high quality print even on rigid power cables.
The I3000 includes many cost saving features including our unique legend design, precise heat control (optional) and on the fly counter reset.


  • Accurate sequential marking in meters or feet
  • Cost efficient legend segment mounting system
  • Push Button, on the fly counter reset
  • PLC control system reduces and simplifies maintenance requirements
  • Spring-loaded guide rollers allow trouble free passage of cable bulges
  • Casters provide easy movement in and out of the line
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction for the production environment


  • Cable size:
    0.2″ to 6″ diameter – 5.0 mm to 150 mm diameter, Larger sizes available on request
  • Maximum Speed:
    up to 900 feet per minute or up to 300 meters per minute
  • Drum Drive:
    Direct Friction Drive or optional servo drive
  • Print Interval Accuracy:
    0.9% with friction drive or 0.05% with optional servo drive
  • Type form:
    Engraved steel, hardened
  • Legend Height:
    0.0625″ to 0.3125″ – 1.6 mm to 8.0 mm
  • Print Legend Length:
    7 characters per inch – 24 characters per 100mm
  • Print Temperature:
    Closed Loop P.I.D. Controller (optional)
  • Sequential Marking:
    4 digit to 6 digit
  • Sequential Character Height:
    1.6mm to 6mm
  • Counter Reset:
    On the fly, electronic pushbutton
  • Machine Layout:
    Left to right or right to left
  • Print Interval:
    1 Meter or 2 Feet
  • Install Location:
    Directly after the extruding head, for printing on hot cable
  • Power Requirements:
    208 – 240 VAC 16A, single phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Compressed Air:
    80-100 PSI, dry
  • Jacket Materials:
    Most common jacket materials including: Nylon, Teflon, PVC, HDPE, XLPE
  • Emergency Stop:
  • Machine Weight:
    400 lbs. – 180 kg
  • Machine Dimensions:
    • 40″ X 30″ X 60″ (L X W X H)
    • 1020mm X 765mm X 1525mm (L X W X H)
  • Mounting:
    Caster base with leveling screws