March 24, 2020
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March 19, 2021

Customer Success Story: JST France SAS

JST France SAS - Customer Success Story
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Guillaume VINCENT

Industrialization Engineer

  • What do you produce and where are you headed as a company?

We produce medium and low voltage automotive connector solutions (harnesses, connectors).

  • What are the challenges you face and what motivated you to solve them?

We need to provide a harness with sealing and cleanliness characteristics for an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system made of fragile and adherent silicone wires. We had the choice between several solutions to guarantee the quality of our product: to carry out a tightness control downstream of our process OR to carry out a control of the wire received upstream our process.

The factors that led us to use the Taymer vision solution were: (1) the cycle time and the difficulties of realizing an efficient leak test system on our semi-finished product (2) the opportunity to control upstream of an important value-added operation and (3) the fact that our customer also performs a leak test after assembly of our product.

  • How do you use our product and how do you find this process?

We implemented the SI3100 upstream of our cutting/crimping machine. After understanding all the parameters of the SI3100 and training our operators, we find this process reliable and comfortable for mass production.

  • What benefits have you gained from working with Taymer?

We benefited from Taymer’s ability to innovate by adapting a catalog product to this new application with a “START&STOP” mode wire feeder that presents significant vibratory constraints.

  • Were there any other notable elements of your experience with us?

Taymer is a reliable company, support was provided beyond the contractual acceptance phase and until the objectives were reached.

Thank you to Guillaume Vincent at JST France for participating in this survey. You can find out more about JST and their products by looking at their website:


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