Vision inspection systems, length counters and printers for wires, cables & tubes

SI3100 - Surface Defect Detection

Surface Inspection

High Frequency Camera Surface Defect Detector

SI3100 is the only tool that can capture, analyze, and judge every square mm of your continuous product (wire, cable, pipe, tube, etc..) and provide you with a photo of surface and diameter defects.

Length Rite

High Accuracy Cable Length Measurement

Taymer’s LR series offers cable length metering that meets the continuous requirements of wire and wire harness manufacturers seeking high accuracy cable meter length measurement.

Print Verification

Continuous Print Quality Verification

PV1400 utilizes a high speed line scan digital imaging technology to verify information printed on continuous products. It can run with an ink wheel, ink jet, or any other high speed printing device.

Length Rite

Simple Wire Length Counter - Footage & Metric

The Length Rite 100 is a simple wire/cable length counter that meets the low speed, moderate length measurement accuracy requirements of most wire harness fabricators or wire distributors.

Product - HF2000 - Hot Foil Cable Marker - Metric and Imperial

Hot Foil

Footage and Metric Cable Printers/Markers

Hot foil printing is ideal for bright, clear, high quality cable marking on tough to mark surfaces like XLPE, Nylon and Teflon. Very durable method of cable marking, well suited for outdoor applications.

Diameter Defect Inspection

Lump and Neck Down Defect Detector

The lump and neck-down inspector is the only tool that can provide your operator photos of lumps, neckdowns and diameter defects on cable jacket, pipe, tube, fiber, and other continuous product.

RI2400 - Ribbon Inspection

Ribbon Defect Detection

Ribbon Color Sequence and Planarity Inspector

The RI’s continuous capture mode of operation provides the operator with the current status of the fiber optic ribbon’s color sequence and planarity. Defects are saved and an alarm triggered.

Print Verification

Integrated Print Length Verification

The PLV ensures that your cable is marked in precise increments. It offers a continuous re-calibration feedback loop that adjusts the length markings according to actual measurements on the fly.

Machine Learning

Taymer’s vision systems utilize machine learning software to accurately classify various defect types.

This advancement enhances the accuracy of our vision systems, enabling them to differentiate between false and true defects. The software undergoes extensive training to further distinguish and classify defect types such as water spots, pinholes, scratches, and lumps by analyzing a diverse range of classified defect images. After processing sequences of each defect type, the software can perform real-time defect classification during production.

This advanced feature leads to a more precise quality assurance report, empowering your quality control process with enhanced accuracy and reliability in results, ensuring that only genuine defects are flagged for further action.

Vision Systems for All Types of Applications

Taymer’s camera vision systems are used in many plants all over the world. These systems include surface defect inspection, print verification, color verification, dimensional control, as well as product characteristic comparison.

Taymer’s experience stems from the Wire & Cable industry and the detection of small defects at very high speeds on continuous products. For the last 20 years, this knowledge has been applied and developed into numerous new applications ranging from catheter inspection to liquid level control, and from offline parts inspection to inline optical character recognition on labelled packages.

The sky is the limit for camera-based applications, be sure to give us a call or drop us a line if you would like to discuss how we can support you in your production.

Leverage the power of camera-based technology to detect surface and geometry defects. Book a demo today!

Cable & Wire Length Counter

High accuracy in cable length measurement meters is critical to understanding your costs and ensuring customer satisfaction with your product.

Taymer’s cable length measurement meter solutions include cut to length systems for heavy cable as well as small gauge wire length measurement. Taymer also provides respooling equipment for automated cable length measurement payoff and takeup of cut to length cable measurement.

The Length Rite series are wire and cable length counters that meters accurate length measurement counter results from small diameter wires at low production speeds to large diameter cables at high production speeds. The Length Rite series has been designed for improved wire length measurement accuracy and easy wire length measurement automation.

Reliable and Durable Wire & Cable Marking

For over 40 years, Taymer has been making cable marking machines for wire, cable, pipe and conduit plastic extrusion lines. Through listening to our customers cable marking needs, we have developed innovative cable marking products including Hot Foil, Indent, and Emboss Printers.

Taymer manufactures high and low speed wire printing machines for wire harness fabricators, including continuous hot stamp wire markers and a control jet system for harness fabrication and cable assembly markers, providing printing solutions for the automotive, aerospace and construction industries.