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Length Rite 100 – Simple Wire Length Measuring Device
The Length Rite 100 is a simple wire/cable length counter that meets the low speed, moderate length measurement accuracy requirements of most wire harness fabricators or wire distributors. The LR100 is a Mechanical length measuring meter device that counts in either footage or metric units with one decimal digit. We keep these wire length measurement meters and accessories IN STOCK.

Length Rite 300 – Simple, Accurate Wire Length Meter
The Length Rite 300 is a wire length counter that meters accurate, digital wire length measurement counter results for small diameter wires at low production speeds. The LR300 can be used manually or on a production line. The LR300 has been designed for improved wire length measurement accuracy and easy wire length measurement automation. Please call us for more details. Typically ships in 1-3 weeks.

Length Rite 600 – High Accuracy Small Cable Length Measurement
The Length Rite 600 is a cable length meter that meets the continuous cable length measuring requirements of wire manufacturers and wire harness manufacturers requiring high accuracy cable meter length measurement. Our cable length measurement device includes a dedicated cable length measurement and wire line speed displays. Designed for high speed, continuous process cable length measurement, the Length Rite 600 is ideal for the production environment. Typically ships 1-4 weeks.

Length Rite 1200 – Pipe/Large Cable Length Measurement
The Length Rite 1200 is a cable length counter capable of accurate length measuring of 1/4″ (6mm) diameter wire up to 5″ (125mm) diameter. For pipe length measurement and tube manufacturing, length measuring device designs handling up to 10″ (250mm) are available. Taymer’s robust cable length meter construction is well suited to both wire & cable length measuring and pipe & tube length measuring requirements. Click the link above to get full details.

Pay-out and Take-up Coiling or Spooling Solutions
Taymer has designed and built wire cut to length machines as well as pay-out and take-up systems to accommodate a variety of spool or coil sizes. If required, we can produce customized wire cut to length machines designed to meet your specific requirements. The length measurement meter systems are easy to use and can  easily integrate to other parts of the line.

Spool to Spool and Cut to Length
Taymer’s LR600 and LR1200 wire & cable length measurement and cable counter systems can be combined to for with respooling, cut to length and pull-measure-cut applications. This allows you to motorize the LR series products and automate your cable length measurement and cut to length operations.

Benefits of Taymer’s Wire and Cable Length Measuring Devices

  • Length Measurement Accuracy
  • Taymer’s Length Rite series of products have a cable length measurement accuracy of +/- 0.05% (with the exception of the LR100). Our 30 years of experience in wire length measuring devices enabled us to develop mechanical and electronic technology to deliver this industry leading length measuring accuracy.

  • Effects of Vibration Minimized
  • Vibration can impact cable length measurement results by being erroneously considered as movement by competing technologies. Taymer’s wire length measuring devices use technology that minimizes the effects of vibration. The high friction compound used in manufacturing our belts combines with uniform pressure applied to the cable to minimize slippage in the Taymer design.

  • Forward Adds, Backward Subtracts
  • Sounds easy doesn’t it? Some competing length measuring device are not capable of it. In rewind lines and in certain manufacturing lines, pipe and cable length measuring has to include flexibility to subtract movement in the opposite direction to determine an accurate length measurement. Taymer’s Cable Length Measurement technology is well suited for this requirement and back and forth movement does not impact the machines’ overall length measurement accuracy of 0.05%.

Comparison between Contact and Non-Contact Measurement Device

Contact Length Measurement Device


  • Suitable for cable length measurement for all types of jacket
  • Low machine and maintenance cost
  • Easy and quick setup time


  • Requires surface contact with wire / cable
  • Belt wear requires belt replacement
  • Very high speed application > 1500 feet per minute can affect measurement consistency

Non-Contact (Laser) Length Measurement Device


  • No surface contact with wire / cable
  • Very accurate on smooth jacket
  • Very good at very high speeds >1500 feet per minute


  • Does not work on uneven surface
  • Expensive option to measure both directions
  • Requires long setup and calibration time
  • Requires wire / cable movement to be steady
  • Some cable colors cannot be measured
  • Cable vibration leads to inaccurate length measurement