Length Measurement Types

High accuracy in cable length measurement meters is critical to understanding your costs and ensuring customer satisfaction with your product.

Taymer’s cable length measurement meter solutions include cut to length systems for heavy cable as well as small gauge wire length measurement. Taymer also provides respooling equipment for automated cable length measurement payoff and takeup of cut to length cable measurement.

Taymer’s cable length measurement systems includes a dedicated velocity indicator and a cable length measurement count indicator.

Length Counters - Simple, Accurate Wire Length Meter

The Length Rite series are wire and cable length counters that meters accurate length measurement counter results from small diameter wires at low production speeds to large diameter cables at high production speeds. The Length Rite series has been designed for improved wire length measurement accuracy and easy wire length measurement automation.


Length Rite 100 – Simple Wire Length Measuring Device

The Length Rite 100 is a simple wire/cable length counter that meets the low speed, moderate length measurement accuracy requirements of most wire harness fabricators or wire distributors. The LR100 is a Mechanical length measuring meter device that counts in either footage or metric units with one decimal digit. We keep these wire length measurement meters and accessories IN STOCK.

LR300 - Accurate Wire Length Counter


Simple, Accurate Wire Length Meter

The Length Rite 300 is a wire length counter that meters accurate, digital wire length measurement counter results for small diameter wires at low production speeds. The LR300 can be used manually or on a production line. The LR300 has been designed for improved wire length measurement accuracy and easy wire length measurement automation. Please call us for more details. Typically ships in 1-3 weeks.


High Accuracy Small Cable Length Measurement

The Length Rite 600 is a cable length meter that meets the continuous cable length measuring requirements of wire manufacturers and wire harness manufacturers requiring high accuracy cable meter length measurement. Our cable length measurement device includes a dedicated cable length measurement and wire line speed displays. Designed for high speed, continuous process cable length measurement, the Length Rite 600 is ideal for the production environment. Typically ships 1-4 weeks.


Pipe/Large Cable Length Measurement

The Length Rite 1200 is a cable length counter capable of accurate length measuring of 1/4″ (6mm) diameter wire up to 5″ (125mm) diameter. For pipe length measurement and tube manufacturing, length measuring device designs handling up to 10″ (250mm) are available. Taymer’s robust cable length meter construction is well suited to both wire & cable length measuring and pipe & tube length measuring requirements. Click the link above to get full details.


Our wire and cable coiling or reeling machines will speed up your production in your facilities. Whether you are looking for a quick manual cable spooler or a high-speed wire coiling pan device for your Fully Automated Wire Processor, Taymer can provide the solution.

The advanced control system for the motorized cable reeler allow operators to easily integrate them into their production lines without difficulties. Our designs allow operators to quickly load or unload a heavy spool, safe access to wire coils, and low maintenance in a common 24/7 environment.

At Taymer, we can also design and build a custom cable coiling or reeling system for your needs. If you have an application, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

  • Rigid and durable for operating in a 24/7 environment
  • Easy to integrate with process line PLC
  • Optional Servo Motors used for positioning accuracy
  • Quick installation and low maintenance
  • Custom design to fit your process




The Gemel is an air powered decoiler for small gauge wire and coil pallet uncoiling applications.

Benefits of the Gemel Uncoiler Systems