Coiler, Decoilers, and Spoolers

Our wire and cable coiling or reeling machines will speed up your production in your facilities. Whether you are looking for a quick manual cable spooler or a high-speed wire coiling pan device for your Fully Automated Wire Processor, Taymer can provide the solution.

The advanced control system for the motorized cable reeler allow operators to easily integrate them into their production lines without difficulties. Our designs allow operators to quickly load or unload a heavy spool, safe access to wire coils, and low maintenance in a common 24/7 environment.

At Taymer, we can also design and build a custom cable coiling or reeling system for your needs. If you have an application, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.


  • Rigid and durable for operating in a 24/7 environment
  • Easy to integrate with process line PLC
  • Optional servo motors used for positioning accuracy
  • Quick installation and low maintenance
  • Custom design to fit your process

Manual Cable Coiler or Spooler

Taymer offers a variety of manual coiler and spoolers that will fit your unique needs.

Product - LR100-10 - Manual Collapsible Coiling Reel 16 inches

LR100 Series
Collapsible Coiling Reels

In three sizes to suit many needs. Reel forms a round cable coil which can be tied before collapsing. The coil off-loads to front.


16″ID (handles up to 1″ cable)


12″ID (handles up to 3/4″ cable)


8″ID (handles up to 1/2″ cable)

LR100-284 - Wind Off Reel Stand

Wind Off Reel Stand

24″ diameter reel accommodates coils and spools up to 150 lbs. (68 kg). The four 8″ outside pins adjust to 5 coil diameters from 6-1/2 to 18-1/2″ (166 to 470 mm). Center 12-1/2″ post holds spools.

Friction disc reduces free wheeling and resultant tangling of wire from the decoiler before the wire length measurement device. Removal of disc allows free rotation. Height from base to ring is 12-1/2″. Made from durable welded steel.

LR100-318 - Spool Winder

Spool Winder - Standard

Accommodates up to 10″ wide spools. The quick-acting lock/release mechanism saves time. The Stand height is 13″; shaft diameter is 1/2″.

LR100-418 - Spool Winder

Spool Winder - Large

Accommodates cable coiling spools up to 17″ wide by 30″ diameter. Unit measures 24″ wide by 18″ high. Weight capacity to 100 lbs. Has same quick-acting lock/release as the 318. Left stand is two-part to allow easy removal of full spool.

Motorized Coiling Pans

Taymer has designed and built a high speed wire coiling system that enables you to increase productivity when handling long wire lengths in your wire harness facilities.

Our coiling pans are designed to be adaptable and portable, benefiting wire harness manufacturers who need to integrate coiling with current wire processing systems. The motorized dual coiling pan systems can swivel allowing the operator to safely access the completed coil while the other coiling pan is operating at speeds up to 10 meters per second. This allows you to keep your wire processor moving while the operator is unloading the second coiling pan.

We would be pleased to discuss your further customization requirements to ensure the coiling pan system fits into your production plans.

SCP500 - Single Motorized Coiling Pan

Single Motorized Coiling Pan (Motorized)

The SCP500 is a simple wire coiling system that enables you to save time and money in your wire harness facilities. The SCP500 is a motorized coiling pan to be integrated with most standard wire processors to automatically produce a coil of wire.

  • Single or Dual coiling pans for simple collection of long wire lengths
  • Easily integrated with hot stamp wire markers, inkjet printers, laser markers, pull/measure/cut/strip wire processors
  • Coil up to 0.350″ diameter wires
  • Very little maintenance
  • Adaptable and Portable Design
  • Different coiling pan sizes available
  • Customization options to meet your specific requirements
DCP1000 - Dual Motorized Coiling Pan

Dual Motorized Coiling Pan (Motorized)

The Length Rite 600 is a cable length meter that meets the continuous cable length measuring requirements of wire manufacturers and wire harness manufacturers requiring high accuracy cable meter length measurement. Our cable length measurement device includes a dedicated cable length measurement and wire line speed displays. Designed for high speed, continuous process cable length measurement, the Length Rite 600 is ideal for the production environment. Typically ships 1-4 weeks.

  • Dual coiling pans for simple, safe handling of long wire lengths
  • Easily integrated with your current wire processor
  • Accelerates at speeds up to 10 meters per second per second
  • Completed coil can be safely accessed by the operator
  • Coil up to 0.350″ diameter wires
  • Very low maintenance
  • Adaptable and Portable Design
  • Different coiling pan sizes available
  • Optional automatic tie wrap system
  • Customizable to meet your specific requirements
Product - Gemel 5025 - Air Pressure Strip Decoiler

Air Pressure Strip Decoiler

The Gemel 5025 is an air powered strip payoff that takes the maintenance out of uncoiling. The 5025 uncoiler can manage strip sizes up to 12″ wide and 0.072″ thick. With only a 1/4″ hose line it can deliver payoff rates up to 175 feet per minute.

Product - Gemel3050 - Air Pressure Wire Decoiler

Air Pressure Wire Decoiler

The Gemel 3050 is a simple, air powered decoiler and wire payoff system. This robust, low maintenance wire handling system has a maximum feed rate of 300 feet per minute and can handle wire ranging from 1/32″ to 1/4″. The Gemel wire payoff requires only an air line and a 4 foot by 4 foot space to operate in.