Emboss Printing Technology

Taymer’s emboss printing technology is ideal for producing raised markings on hot cable jackets. A typical location for these printers is after the extruder. Emboss printing is very similar to indent printing; however, emboss printing creates a print that seems raised from the jacket. This is achieved by ‘indenting’ the jacket around the print and leaving the print untouched. Some models can print on top and bottom of the cable as well as metric and footage.

Taymer's Advantages

How it works:

  • To print on cables, the operator sets up the print drum with print inserts and a print head.
  • The print drum will heat up according to a set temperature.
  • As the cable is passing through the printing area, the print drum (with print head and inserts) are rotating at a relative speed.
  • At the point of contact between the print drum and the cable, the emboss steel characters presses into the jacket of the cable.
  • The heat and pressure exerted on the drum provide a lasting print on the cable.
  • As for the print head, it will advance automatically to the next number.