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Laser Wire Marking
Laser marking is primarily for Aerospace Wire with PTFE jacketing. Short lengths in coils or long lengths in spools can be marked with our Taymer Laser markers with quick turnaround time. You can send us the wires or purchase them from us directly – minimizing your inventory.

Inkjet Wire Marking
We can provide inkjet marking on wires and other products. In some cases, you might require a pre-treat and UV cure system for the print to better adhere to the surface. Our equipment will be able to provide solutions for your application.

Hot Foil / Hot Stamp Marking
Taymer can provide hot stamp wire marking service for wire harness manufacturers. With our large wire inventory, you can purchase printed wires from us directly or we can print on your custom wire harnesses. Our hot foil printers can accommodate large cables and pipes as well. Custom print such as color stripes can be marked on the wires.

Nylon Strip Embossing
Taymer can provide nylon strip embossing for your extrusion process. With our strip embossing machine, we can supply the strip printed with a message of your choice. It comes in a traverse wound spool for you to easily put into your process.

Cut-to-Length, Coiling / Spooling
Taymer can provide wire and cable coiled or spooled to your desired length. This will safe you time and money to reduce inventory and measurement equipment. Our accurate length measurement systems will ensure you will get the right length every time.


Our facility is equipped with our wire and cable markers and spooling/ coiling equipment. We have laser wire marker, inkjet wire marker, hot foil printers, and accurate length measurement systems. Taymer providing service for wire harness manufacturers who do not want to keep a lot of wires in stock or purchase a variety of wire markers. Taymer can print on your wires or provide wires marked with your desired message. As business grows, you can purchase the printers directly from Taymer.

Because we are also the designer and manufacturer of the equipment, we can provide short turn around time of the wire marking service. We can also allow for custom jobs without a significant price tag. As well, we have wires in stock in our warehouse, allowing us to provide short lead time on each job.

If you have an application, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.


  • Quality printing with years of experiences
  • Short turn around time
  • Wide range of equipment to provide quality results
  • Printing service for your wires or purchase our wires
  • Custom print to fit your needs