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Low Volume Laser Wire Marker
The XY2000 is a wire marker designed to provide low cost, easy to setup marking for low volume fabricators. This is ideal for frequent changeover of wire diameters and legends. The printing is very simple and can be activated via push button or foot pedal, allowing complete operator control.

Low to Medium Volume Laser Wire Marker
The XY2030 Laser Wire Marker is a UV Laser Wire marker designed for a low volume usage. For a wire harness manufacturer, the machine would be sufficient for everyday use whether it is used for prototyping or harness production. Pull, measure, cut, and coiling features also improve efficiency.

High Volume Laser Wire Marker
The XY2100 Laser Wire Marker is a high speed UV Laser Wire marker with full wire processing capabilities. Aside from pull measure and cut features, the XY2100 is equipped with dual coiling pans, maximizing productivity.

Laser Wire Marking Service
For laser marking on small cable batches, we offer the service to print the wires for you using our UV Laser Markers. This is beneficial to aircraft repair shops or small harness manufacturers where acquiring a laser marker is further down the road.

Benefits of Taymer Laser Wire Markers

  • High Quality
  • The Taymer’s Wire Marker produces permanent, clear identification markings on your wires for cable assemblies. The machine produces the high contrast markings recommended by the aerospace industry.

  • Operator Program
  • Taymer’s wire laser marker comes complete with print job database software, allowing your operators to store all print job information in a central database, reducing keying errors and allowing storage and retrieval of legends, precise length measurement data and more.

    An Industrial PC controls the entire UV laser wire marking machine process and can be put on your corporate LAN for remote laser wire marker print job viewing and management.

  • Flexibility
  • The UV Laser wire marker aerospace is also a full function wire processing solution. It includes an integrated despooler, cut and strip capability as well as coiling pan for your finished product. This provides a complete system for printing wire and cable with a durable and highly visible legend for military spec and aerospace laser wire marking applications.

  • Turn-Key Solution
  • Taymer is providing you with a complete solution. It is designed to be a turn-key product with all the necessary parts, components, consumables and software.