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Cut to Length, Respooling

Accurate Wire Length Measuring Systems
for wire and cable, pipe and conduit

Product Diameter Range: 0.025″ – 1.65″ (0.6mm – 42mm)


Don’t waste your skilled labor on Cut to Length. Call us today to automate and become more competitive.

Whether you need a fully automated spooling and coiling system or a simple pull from a reel on a steel pipe, we can help you improve efficiency in your pull measure cut processes. We build each cut to length, pull measure cut solution to fit your production. We have experience sizing despooling, respooling, cutting equipment and control systems to suit your needs and growth requirements.

Taymer’s length measuring, cut to length, pull measure cut and respooling systems will help you reduce costs in your production facilities by providing combining spooling and cutting automation with the most accurate length measurement in the industry.

We include a flexible, advanced control system for the cut to length, pull measure cut solution allowing operators to program multiple digitally input other length measuring equipment (such as a marker) to ensure uniformity of results. Operators have up to two length measurement presets as well as a customizable output.

When used with marker with an electronic control system, length measurement information can be printed on the product, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy of print for your customers.


  • Dedicated, easy to read, 6 digit Count Display
  • Dedicated, easy to read, Line Speed Display
  • Flexible PLC electronics with HMI allow for multiple inputs and outputs
  • Highly accurate +/-0.1%
  • Multiple despooling, respooling and coiling options, depending on spool sizes and wire diameters
  • Height adjust for varying line heights
  • Easy belt removal and installation


  • Maximum Speed: 3000 feet per minute
  • Wire and Cable Size: 0.025″ – 1.65″ – larger sizes available on request
  • Measurement Accuracy: +/- 0.1%
  • Opposing V-Blades for cut to length
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic cut to length
  • Mount: Caster base with leveling screws
  • Outputs
    • Counter
    • Line Speed
    • Contact Closure: Exceed Input Footage 1
    • Contact Closure: Exceed Input Footage 2
    • Contact Closure: Customizable
  • Inputs
    • Remote Reset
    • Cut now
    • Measurement Units: Both Footage and Metric
    • Belt: Polyurethane, steel reinforced, incompressible belt
    • Mode Display: 2 characters by 20 characters
    • Count Display: 6 digits, Dedicated
    • Speed Display: 6 digits, Dedicated
    • Reset: Push Button and Automatic
    • Calibration: Easily Programmable using Keypad
    • Power: 115/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
    • Air: May be required depending on accessories