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Hot Foil Printers
Taymer’s hot foil printing technology is ideal for bright, clear, high quality cable marking on tough to mark on surfaces like Cross Linked Polyethylene, Nylon and Teflon.  Hot foil printing is a very durable method of cable marking, well suited for outside plant cable marking.

Emboss Marker / Indent Marker
Taymer’s emboss markers include critical features such as length measurement indicator, on the fly reset push button, and feedback temperature control for print segments.

Ink Contact Printers
Taymer has been designing and manufacturing ink contact cable marking machinery for over 35 years.  From offset ink printing to indent ink printing to plain contact ink printers, Taymer has the right solution for your cable manufacturing requirements.

Ink Jet Solutions
Taymer pioneered the use of Industrial Ink Jet printers for cable marking of wire and cable over 20 years ago. Taymer has built on this technology and has developed high durability UV printing solutions as well computer solutions to simplify management of ink jet printing in the wire and cable manufacturing environment.

Sinter Printing
The Sinter 3000 will provide you with the most durable colored marking in the industry. Sinter printing embeds and embosses colored powder into your cable jacket for a 100% permanent mark, ideal for highly corrosive or very abrasive environments.

Benefits of Taymer’s Cable Marking Machines
  • Print Quality
  • Taymer’s number one focus in cable marking machinery is print quality. Our contact printers – both hot foil printers and ink contact – include cable guides to ensure even very rigid power cables are properly controlled during printing. Our cable marking machinery includes consideration for cable bulges, allowing a 50% diameter bulge to pass through the printer without damaging your investment in cable printing.

  • Length Measurement Accuracy
  • Taymer’s cable marking machinery is designed to deliver high accuracy length measurement markings on wire and cable. Each of our printers can be fitted with a digital servo drive, or other high accuracy equipment, which is capable of a length measurement accuracy of +/- 0.05%.

  • Robust Machinery
  • We have designed our equipment to meet the rigors of the wire and cable production environment. Our cable marking machines are solidly constructed with additional guide rollers for even the heaviest power cables are properly guided. In the case of pipe and tube or undersea umbilical cables, Taymer has equipment designed to follow the product as it is being extruded.