Hot Stamp Marking Technology

Hot Stamp Printing Machines

Taymer’s hot stamp printing technology is ideal for bright, clear, high quality wire marking on tough to mark on surfaces like Cross Linked Polyethylene, Nylon and Teflon. Hot stamp printing is a very durable method of wire marking and is quite similar in to hot foil printing. Due to the flexibility of hot stamp designs, Taymer has developed printers that allow very quick change in print characters, continuous hot stamp, and printing bands and stripes. The expandable range of options allows this method of printing to be ideal for wire harness manufacturers.

Taymer’s hot stamp wire markers include traditional intermittent stampers as well as continuous markers allowing your cut and strip machinery to run at full speed without having to wait for the hot stamper to mark your wire. Click on the link above to get more information.

Product - SM1000 - Hot Stamp Wire Marker

Hot Stamp Wire Marker

The SM1000 Hot Stamp Wire Marker is a traditional pull and stamp, discrete hot stamp wire marker. Taymer’s unique hot stamp marking technology allows operators to use one wire guide for a range of harness wires, saving upfront costs and reducing setup and changeover time. A foot pedal, simplifies wire hot stamping for the operator. Production machinery can also pull wire through the hot stamp wire marker by sending a low voltage signal to the hot stamp wire marker.

Product - SM1000-PMC - Hot Stamp Wire Marker Pull Measure Cut

Marker with Pull, Measure & Cut

The SM1000-PMC Hot Stamp Wire Marker adds productivity to your wire marking processes. This cost effective add-on to the SM1000, includes a stepper motor and cutting blades with electronic control to allow you to set accurate print intervals and cut lengths from 1″ (no maximum) and free up an operator. Production machinery can also pull wire through the hot stamp wire marker by sending a low voltage signal to the hot stamp wire marker.

Product - CM6000 - Continuous Wire Marker for Harness Identification

Continuous Wire Marker

Taymer’s New CM6000 Wire Marker replaces the traditional hot stamp wire markers. Our unique technology allows operators to pull the wire through the hot stamp wire marker by hand without using foot pedals. Production machinery can also pull the wire through without having to stop for wire hot stamp marker. Wire hot stamping happens continuously as the wire is pulled through the wire marker.

Taymer Advantages

High Quality

The Taymer Hot Stamp Wire Marker produces durable, clear identification markings on your wires for cable assemblies. Our print inserts are laser engraved with a concave face (if required) ensuring that complete letters are printed clearly onto even the smallest wire diameters. Dwell time for the stamp can be modified to ensure high quality marking on wire jackets with a variety of different material characteristics.

Higher Productivity

Your operators will be able to permanently mark wiring many times faster using our Wheel Die System as compared to loose dies that are difficult and time consuming to install and easily misplaced. Increasing productivity means lower costs for your product and faster delivery times for your customers. Lower costs and higher profits can pay for the investment in the Taymer marker in as little as six months.

Turn-Key Solution

Taymer is providing you with a complete solution. It is designed to be a turn-key product with all the necessary parts, components, consumables and software. This simplifies procurement both now and in the future, as you require hot foil tape and other consumables.


The Taymer Hot Stamp Wire Marker has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Identification codes and wire anvils can be changed in seconds, minimizing downtime and saving you labor costs. You can also very easily add a graphic, logo or other nonstandard character to a wheel and add it to your Wheel Die System very easily. This extra flexibility will differentiate you from your competition, bringing more jobs to your shop.

Hot Stamp Marking Technology

How it works

A set of heated print wheels is similar to print inserts on a hot foil printer. However, the operator can easily rotate individual print wheels to create the code even when the wheels are hot.

This is done through to use of an unique mechanism.

The wire is put through a wire guide and can be pulled through by the operator or machinery. At the right print location, activation of a pneumatic cylinder will push the wire to come in contact with the hot foil tape and heat print wheels. Due to heat, pressure, and dwell time, the message on the print wheel will be transferred onto the wire through the hot foil tape.

Depending on the pressure, an indent is usually formed on the cable as well, giving a permanent colored print on the cable. Because it is easy to change the code on the fly, this method is used for wire harness manufacturers or repair shops for quick stamping and quick code changes.