Surface Inspection Technology

Surface Inspection System is an advanced tool available for operators to completely ensure cable jacket is defect free on high speed production lines. The surface inspection system will help you reduce costs in your production facilities through reduced rework and improved productivity.

Taymer Advantages

Reduced Jacket Defects

The Surface defect detection and surface inspection system provides the operator with up-to-the-second digital image feedback of the current jacket or water soluble tape quality on any production line. This continuous stream of real time information – especially the failure images – allows the operator to isolate causes of jacket imperfections and water soluble tape folds and improper cable coverage. This will result in reducing jacket defects before they result in scrapping of product or worse, customer complaints or recalls.

Quality Assurance

Using the SI3100, you can capture images of your printed cable, save the images to disk and print them out to include in your quality reporting both internally and to your customers. The Surface Inspector’s display also makes it easy for engineering and production supervisors to document the location of the cable surface defects.

Surface Inspection System Technology

How it works:

  • The surface defect detection and surface inspection system consists of multiple high resolution cameras and adequate lighting to capture images of cable moving at high speed.
  • Multiple cameras are required to cover the full circumference of the cable.
  • To ensure consistency, the setup features an enclosure to prevent ambient lighting from affecting the results.
  • Advance algorithm is used to process the images for surface inspection.
  • A typical algorithm is capable of detecting cable surface defects such as surface blemishes, holes, neck-downs, and bumps.
  • If a surface defect is detected, an alarm will notify your operator and an error report is saved to the ongoing data log.