PV SnapShot Technology

The PV SnapShot provides high speed, automated print inspection technology for continuous processes especially wire, cable, pipe, tube, hose and conduit. The high-speed print inspection system will reduce costs in production facilities through reduced rework and improved productivity.

Taymer Advantages

Automatic “No Print” Detection

This option adds software and a relay to your Print View allowing automatic, continuous inspection of print. If there is a “No Print” condition detected, a signal will be sent to your machinery or an alarm to alert the operator.

Remote Operator Console Extension

This signal strengthening extension allows you to locate the operator’s console 90 meters and further away from the capture station. This option includes a signal splitter, a signal strengthener and 90 meters of video cable.

Reduced Printing Rework

The Print View 4500 SnapShot’s Continuous Capture mode of operation provides the operator with up to the second digital image feedback of the current print quality on any production line. This continuous stream of real time information allows the operator to monitor the print quality and gives him or her the time to react to correct marking problems before they result in expensive cleaning and reprinting or even scrapping of product.

Increased Operator Productivity

The Print View increases productivity in your wire and cable plant. Continuous feedback of print quality allows operators in a single, central location to supervise more than one production line simultaneously, freeing up personnel for other functions.

Print Verification Inspection Technology

How it works:

  • The high-speed camera optical system consists of a high speed camera and adequate lighting to capture images of cable moving at 4500 feet/min.
  • An encoder synchronizes the camera capture rate and the cable speed.
  • Software will then enhance, magnify, and display the images on a monitor
  • An algorithm is used to process the images for print detection.
  • If there is a ‘No Print’ condition, an alarm will notify your operator and an error report is saved to the ongoing data log.