Contrast Measurement Technology

Contrast Measurement Technology

The CS1000’s contrast measurement technology will enable operators to verify the contrast of the print to the jacket color to ensure it meets print legibility specifications. This Contrast measurement technology can be integrated after a printer online or off-line in a separate station.

Taymer Advantages

Cable Twist Compensation

The Contrast measurement system uses two unique technologies to take the twist out of cable legends, allowing the operator to read the printed legend even more clearly and easily than reading a stationary cable. The cable image is built on screen using a combination of a mechanical and software technology, effectively removing the constant wire and cable twist.

Online Capability

In order to know results right away, the contrast measurement system is capable of being integrated in a printing line. With Taymer’s advance optical set-up and software, a moving cable can be analyzed, giving quick feedback regarding the print. If the contrast level fails, then the system will immediately signal the operator to look into troubleshooting the cause and reduce rework and time.

Print Verification Inspection Technology

How it works:

  • The high-speed optical system consists of a high resolution camera and adequate lighting to capture images of cable.
  • The lighting setup has either LED or Fiber-optic light source to accommodate various cable colors.
  • Software will then enhance, magnify, and display the images on a monitor.
  • An algorithm is used to process the images for contrast measurement.
  • To ensure a consistent reference point, a set of white tiles are used to calibrate the system.
  • If the contrast level does not meet specifications, an alarm will notify your operator and an error report is saved to the ongoing data log.