Free Trial

We are happy to demonstrate our cable marking machinery – hot foil printing and wire hot stamping machines – in either your location or ours. This will allow you to see our unique continuous process hot stamping machine in your own facility. You can also test the length measurement accuracy of the hot foil printing equipment or our length measurement equipment the Length Rite.

The trial allows you to see first hand the low maintenance hot stamping machine technology and the resulting bright clear print that results. Test the maximum line speed of our cable hot foil printing equipment!

If you are considering purchasing our wire and cable length measurement equipment, we would be happy to demonstrate the additional functionality and flexibility of our system.

When distance and timing are practical we can offer a trial in your plant of our cable marking machines and wire & cable length measurement equipment. We ask only that you provide us with a trial purchase order and cover transportation expenses of the machinery and replace worn parts if you choose not to keep the machine. Commissioning may also be required by our technicians depending on the exact machine you are interested in.

Please contact us at (905) 479 2614 for details on this special offer. Note that some situations or products do not qualify for this offer. Factors include machine availability, custom machine requirements or plant location.