Gemel 5025
Air Pressure Strip Decoiler

Load a Full Skid of Coils Directly from the Lift Truck

  • Reduce Press Downtime
  • Eliminate Manual Handling
  • Make the Workplace Safer

Price – Performance Breakthrough

The Gemel 5025 represents a price-performance breakthrough in pallet decoiling. Its integrated drive unit combines the drive, and the brake in a single assembly. This unique drive reacts quickly on both feed and brake cycles to eliminate tension or spillage.

Low Maintenance Costs

Your Gemel has few moving parts. There are no gears, belts, pulleys, chains, electric motors or micro switches to wear out or require adjustment. Typically, the only maintenance required is an occasional adjustment of the brake pads. All components of your Gemel are North American made and available off the shelf.

Easy to Install

Your Gemel is operating within 15 minutes of its arrival. Just uncrate, plug in an air line, feed the strip through the control arm and go. No expensive electrical hookups or approvals are needed. Because all it requires is an air connection, it can easily be moved around your plant.

Fully Automatic Operation

The Gemel 5025 Pallet Decoiler is fully automatic. It requires no supervision, no manual start-up, stop or intermittent adjustments. The patented air logic valve provides instant control of any combination of power and speed withing the range of 0 to 25 RPM.

Proven Reliability

Gemel has been building pallet decoilers for 30 years. These units have developed a reputation as rugged and reliable workhorses. Many of the original Gemel pallet decoilers are still in operation.

Low Operating Costs

The Gemel’s power source is a standard 1/4″ air hose. The air circuit system consumes less than 2 cubic feet of free air per minute to assure you of maximum efficiency for power consumed. The Gemel takes up only 4 feet by 4 feet of valuable floor space for easy installation close to your press.


  • Capacity:
    5000 lbs.
  • Maximum Coil Height:
    42 inches
  • Turntable Speed:
    0 to 25 rpm
  • Rate of Payoff:
    Up to 175 ft / minute
  • Diameter of Pallet Table:
    48 inches (including safety ring)
  • Maximum Stock Width:
    12 inches
  • Maximum Stock Thickness:
    0.072 inches
  • Power Source:
    1/4 inch air hose (80 psi)
  • Control:
    Counter Balanced Tension Arm
  • Floor Space Required:
    4 feet by 4 feet
  • Height of Pallet Table over Floor:
    12 inches
  • Weight of Decoiler:
    450 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight:
    470 lbs.