Laser Wire Printing Technology

Laser wire printing technology is ideal for producing non-contact prints on wire jackets. A typical location for these printers is after the water trough or separate rewinding lines.

Taymer's Advantages

Operator Program

Taymer’s wire laser marker comes complete with print job database software, allowing your operators to store all print job information in a central database, reducing keying errors and allowing storage and retrieval of legends, precise length measurement data and more.

An Industrial PC controls the entire UV laser wire marking machine process and can be put on your corporate LAN for remote laser wire marker print job viewing and management.


The UV Laser wire marker aerospace is also a full function wire processing solution. It includes an integrated despooler, cut capability as well as coiling pan for your finished product. This provides a complete system for printing wire and cable with a durable and highly visible legend for military spec and aerospace laser wire marking applications.

How it works:

  • The UV laser wire marker uses a high-powered laser beam, altering the surface color of the jacket without affecting the mechanical properties of the jacket.
  • A two-axis mirror directs the beam to different locations to produce the character.
  • Software is used to configure the laser wire marking system to creates the message or graphic.
  • The UV laser wire marker will only work on light colored jackets and create a dark permanent print.
  • One disadvantage is that the laser wire marking is done at slow line speed (100 feet/min) as the focused beam is quite small (microns scale), thus, it requires some time to fill up a character.