Inkjet Marking Technology

Inkjet printing technology is ideal for producing non-contact prints on hot / cold cable jackets. A typical location for these printers is after the water trough or separate rewinding lines. The ink jet printer uses ink, which comes in a variety of different colors.

Taymer's Advantages


The Taymer Ink jet System consists of wire guide system, a platform for mounting one or two ink jet printers and an optional station for Control jet hardware and software. A UV cure system can also be integrated when using UV curable inks. All UV rays are contained within a light tight Enclosure. This provides a complete system for printing wire and cable with a durable and highly visible legend for military spec and aerospace inkjet wire marking applications.

On tough to print on cables, a plasma pre-treater can even be incorporated to improve ink adhesion further. Taymer is able to integrate the entire system to a central print legend database, to offer a complete system for your printing needs.

Operator Program

The Operator Program allows your operators to input cable legends or select messages from a previously input list. Control Jet 2010 frees the operator from having to do complex calculations to optimize print settings (stroke, message length, etc).

End markings and middle markings can each be different and can easily be imported from MS Excel or MS Access. If required, we can work with you to pull the legend data from an external database.

Control Jet can also optionally turn on your ink jet printers and ensure they print at a specific time interval if they are left idle. This improves the life of ink jet components and reduces maintenance.

How it works:

  • The ink jet printer prints by shooting out ink dots onto the cable.
  • The direction the ink shoots out is controlled by an electrical charge inside the nozzle.
  • The dots are printed into a matrix that forms each character.
  • Software is used to configure the printer to create the message or graphic.
  • The ink will quickly react with the jacket and dry up to become a very durable print.
  • Ink jet printers are capable of printing at very high speed (800 feet/min) and also on very small and uneven surfaces (twisted cables).
  • Depending on the type of jacket material, some application require a pre-treat system and/or an UV curable ink to greater improve ink adhesion.