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Manual Cable Coiler or Spooler
for wire and cable, hose, and ropes

Product Diameter: Up to 1.0″ (25mm)
Cable Coil Sizes: Up to 16″ ID
Spool Sizes: Up to 30″ Diameter, 100lbs

Motorized Cable Reeler
for wire and cable, tube, hose and conduit

Handles Spools up to 36″ Diameter, 1500lbs.
Custom sizes available upon requests.

Motorized Wire Coiling Device
for wire harness manufacturers

Product Diameter: Up to 0.30″ (8mm)
Coiling Pan Diameter: 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″
Coiling Speed up to 30ft/s (10m/s)

Decoilers/Payoff Systems
The Gemel is an air powered decoiler for small gauge wire and coil pallet uncoiling applications.


Our wire and cable coiling or reeling machines will speed up your production in your facilities. Whether you are looking for a quick manual cable spooler or a high-speed wire coiling pan device for your Fully Automated Wire Processor, Taymer can provide the solution.

The advanced control system for the motorized cable reeler allow operators to easily integrate them into their production lines without difficulties. Our designs allow operators to quickly load or unload a heavy spool, safe access to wire coils, and low maintenance in a common 24/7 environment.

At Taymer, we can also design and built a custom cable coiling or reeling system for your needs. If you have an application, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.


  • Rigid and durable for operating in a 24/7 environment
  • Easy to integrate with process line PLC
  • Hydraulic raise and lower of the heavy spools
  • Optional Servo Motors used for positioning accuracy
  • Quick installation and low maintenance
  • Custom design to fit your process