ControlJet System

Taymer’s Control Jet 2010 is a unique combination of length measurement, database management and industrial communication technologies.
The Control Jet allows your operators to store all print job information in a central database, eliminating keying errors and allowing storage and retrieval of legends, precise length measurement data and more. The Control Jet includes features such as limitless centralized database of legends, remote viewing of current print job data and optional legend database lockout, allowing you to ensure legend information cannot be unintentionally modified.
Taymer has been providing industrial Inkjet management tools for over 15 years. Many of the original Control Jet Systems are still in active use in the wire and cable industry. Contact us today to find out how your operations can benefit.


  • Prevents/eliminates printing errors/mistakes
  • Encoder input for length measurement
  • Windows type interface makes the printer easy to use
  • Can be interfaced to any printer with a serial port
  • Stores all the legends used in the production line to eliminate errors in changeover
  • Test print on production startup reduces scrap
  • Stores sequential measuring requirements and print width along with the legend
  • Alerts the operator to printer error or low ink conditions
  • Reduces scrap and reruns by simplifying the printing function
  • Allows to add, delete, modify and down load messages “on the fly” without interrupting current operations of printers


  • Number of printers that can be controlled:
    1 or 2
  • Hot Computer:
    PC compatible 386 or higher
  • Host’s minimum requirements:
    16 MB Ram, 1 hard disk drive, VGA monitor, enhanced keyboard
  • Software type:
    Multi-tasking (Round-Robin scheduler) with 1 window per task
  • Message Storage Capacity:
    Limited only by hard drive capacity
  • Message Storage Organization:
    Dictionaries of 128 messages each
  • Maximum Message Length:
  • Maximum Encoder Pulses Between Print Legends:
  • Signals In:
    • Encoder: Open collector, 3.5V-30V amplitude
    • Pulses per inch of product: Between 20 and 100
    • External reset button: Normally open
  • Signals Out:
    • Serial port (COM1 & COM2): EIA-RS-232C (RS422 or 20ma current-loop available)
    • Baud rate: Up to 19,200
    • Print pulse type: TTL (LS244)
    • Print pulse duration: 10msec.
    • Stroke rate type: TTL (LS244)
    • Stroke rate frequency: 1 Hz – 1MHz
    • Stroke rate frequency update rate: Every 0.025 seconds