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Laser Wire Marking Service

Taymer’s UV Laser Wire Marking Machine are designed to mark wires and cables for the Military and Aerospace Industries.  Taymer uses All American Laser components maximizing print quality and local serviceability.

Print Specification:

  • Meets BAC 5152
  • Meets MIL-W-5088L and MIL-M-81531

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Taymer’s UV Laser Markers

UV Laser wire marking machine for Military and Aerospace Wire Harness Fabricators

Taymer’s UV Laser Wire marker Aerospace machine combines permanent laser wire marking technology with wire processing functionality to provide wire harness manufacturers with a complete MIL spec wire processor.

Our wire laser marker comes complete with print job database software, allowing your operators to store all print job information in a central database, reducing keying errors and allowing storage and retrieval of legends, precise length measurement data and more.

The UV Laser wire marker aerospace is also a full function wire processing solution.  It includes an integrated despooler, cut and strip capability as well as coiling pan for your finished product.

An Industrial PC controls the entire UV laser wire marking machine process and can be put on your corporate LAN for remote laser wire marker print job viewing and management.


  • Meets military and laser wire marker aerospace legibility and durability printing requirements
  • Central database for all the laser wire marker legends used in the production line to eliminate errors in changeover
  • Queuing of print jobs allows for automated UV laser wire marking legend changeover
  • Test print feature allows testing before printing, reducing scrap
  • Database includes legend information, print character size, cut lengths and quantities
  • High resolution encoder ensures accurate legend placement and spacing
  • Operator friendly interface
  • Allows for laser wire marker legend modification and new legend download on the fly